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What is Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax  is a natural penis enlargement method, convenient, safest and painless unlike other methods. The Bathmate Hydromax is water based hydro pump that is used in the shower or bath.  Pump allows the user to enhance inches to his manhood from the luxury and privacy of his own home. Once used, it will leave user with a much longer, thicker and sturdier penis after just 15 minutes of regular use. But that is not all! The Bathmate has been verified to help males in male weakness specifically impotence and erection problems, premature ejaculation and a lot more. It could possibly even help with Peyronies disease.


There are several versions of Bathmate Hydromax.

  • The Hydromax and
  • Xtreme series pumps. These are the newest additions (in late 2013) to the original Bathmate hydro pump line.

Working of the Hydro max:

The penis Hydro max pump works by creating a vacuum .This vacuum expands the skin and tissue of your penis. This expansion is very usual and natural since it is alike to erections, which happen all the time. With regular use and good recovery time between uses (twelve to thirty-six hours), the penis tissues will be permanently expanded.



There is no reservation that Bathmate is a tremendous penis pump that bring results. However, gains overnight should not be expected. Even though, using the Bathmate for the first time seems to have an immediate impact in growth but real and noticeable results can be achieved in months.

After using it for 15 minutes with a full (or almost full) erection, you’ll see impermanent gains of .50 inches in length and .75 inches in thickness. Beginners will get greater improvements like that because the tissue of penis is naturally very tight. These gains stay for about 18 hours, as well as after you drop an erection and while having intercourse.

Are the results lasting?

 Permanent results can be seen  after around 6 weeks of proper use.

Use of Hydro max is safe or not?

Certainly it is, all parts of Hydro max that will come in contact with your skin are thoroughly tested and approved.

In short, reviews have proved that there is no doubt about the Bathmate being  an exceptional hydro penis pumps that have proven to help thousands of men in increasing  penis size both in girth and length.